Fast, Efficient Misted Window Repairs

Do you have misted windows or water condensation trapped between the panes? Blown double glazing is a common problem, but not one you have to live with. At A1 Glass & Glazing, we provide misted window repairs and replacement throughout Telford, helping improve the look and functionality of your windows.

Misted window repairs

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What causes misted windows?

When the seals on your double glazing become loose, water finds its way in between the window panes. When that condensation dries, it leads to that misted, blurred effect windows get when the glass is blown.

Not only does it obscure your view and stop natural light from flooding your room, but it can also mean the windows aren’t as efficient as they should be, making your home colder and draughtier.

Professional misted window repairs

Not all misted windows need to be replaced. In fact, many can be repaired to save you money on brand new glass.

Our specialist glaziers will assess your windows and, if they are repairable, will drill holes in the side of the window to dry out the humidity trapped there. The panes are cleaned and treated with an anti-fogging agent before being sealed and reinserted in the frame.

This is a cost-effective way to make your window look brand new again and minimise the risk of misting in the future.

If we can’t repair your windows, we can give you a competitive quote to replace the pane of glass to make the entire window look new.

For a free, no-obligation quote and some expert advice about your misted windows, call our team today: 07966 209 233.

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"I was very pleased with the work we had done. We had new french doors put in and new window panes and locks in our downstairs windows. A1 were very conciencious. I could tell they took pride in their work. A stunning job at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this company."

Jeannine L


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