Emergency locksmith in Telford

What Does an Emergency Locksmith Do?

When you lock your keys in your house and you can’t get in, it’s a sinking feeling. Whether you’re on your way to work or you’ve just stepped outside, being locked out quickly becomes stressful. That’s when you need an emergency locksmith to come and help you gain re-entry to your property. But what exactly does an emergency locksmith do? In this post, we’ll talk you through the lock fitting services we provide in Telford.

What is an emergency locksmith?

Locksmiths install, repair, and adjust all types of locks, including those for your home, car, business, and more. They also give expert advice on how to improve security and better protect your property.

In an emergency situation, whether you’re locked out or have experienced a break-in, a locksmith will help you gain entry to your property or help secure it quickly.

If you’re based in Telford, it’s best to keep our number saved in your phone so you have a reliable professional to call in these types of situations: 07966 209 233

What services do emergency locksmiths provide?

We’re most well known in Telford for picking locks to help homeowners regain entry when they lock themselves out. But there is a range of services you can get from your local locksmiths.

Alarms and access control

As well as traditional locks, we also supply electronic systems and automatic security systems for our commercial and residential customers. Whether you’re in need of doors with automatic locks or a keypad for better security, we have the best solutions.

24-hour emergency service

Being local to Telford, we offer our clients a one-hour rapid response for our locksmith services. We can even be there in 20 minutes in certain cases. This gives you peace of mind someone will be with you ASAP should you get locked out.

We also offer a rapid service in the event of a break-in. We know how important it is to make your home safe and secure again should the worst happen, and we’ll be there as quickly as we can to fix or replace locks and board up any broken glass.

Locks for windows and doors

As locksmiths, we can also improve the security of your doors and windows with more secure locks. We stock a range of quality locks for both windows and doors and can give our expert advice on the best type for your property.

Emergency locksmiths in Telford

You should feel safe and secure in your home and workplace. To help you keep that level of security, we provide rapid emergency locksmith services throughout Telford. Call us whenever you need us to regain entry when you get locked out, replace locks when you experience a break-in, or secure your home when your windows and doors are broken. Call us now for expert advice: 07966 209 233.


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